This is just a small selection of our machined products custom made for our clients. All parts can be custom made to your needs and we offer left and right threading. Please click on the picture for an enlarged photo.

M8 Drilled & Tapped Bosses Bosses Bushes
M8 Drilled & Tapped Bosses.Bosses.Bushes.
Drilled & Tapped Collared Bosses Drive Axle Large Bushes Reamed
Drilled & Tapped Collared Bosses.Drive Axle.Large Bushes Reamed.
Tapped Boss M5 Drilled & Tapped Bosses M6 Drilled & Tapped Bosses
Tapped Boss.M5 Drilled & Tapped Bosses.M6 Drilled & Tapped Bosses.
Pivot Pins With Circlip Groove Reamed Bushes Rollers
Pivot Pins With Circlip Groove.Reamed Bushes.Rollers.
Stepped Reamed Bushes Tapped Boss
Stepped Reamed Bushes.Tapped Boss.